Friday, 30 March 2012

Window shopping

Next the window frame was built up from strips of Lime wood and picked out with green and white acrylic paint. The decking inside the shop window was also clad with 0.8mm thick birch ply. This was then stained to match the shop wall cladding.

During one of our later surveying sessions, we revealed a glazed sliding window system at the rear of the front window platform. This had in recent decades been covered with pegboard to provide screening and further display hanging area. The removal of all this material resulted in great views throughout the whole length of the shop.

In order to replicate the fine glazing bars of the original I needed to produce 1mm x 1mm strips of Lime wood and very carefully built up the frame work using cyanoacrylate adhesive to produce each tiny butt joint.

The black and white tile design of the porch floor design was replicated by Jean, my wife producing a computer vector artwork from photographic references. The completed design was printed onto archival paper before mounting onto the floor substrate with adhesive film.

The shop front door is glazed and features the original, H&J Cutlack etched-glass sign, plus the more recent, Adams & Sons sign in white enamelled copper. To replicate this, I produced a computer artwork and printed the design onto clear plastic material. The white opaque letters were then hand-painted onto the rear surface.

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