Monday, 16 April 2012

Raising the roof 2

To finalise the shop roof section, it just remains to fabricate and fix the terracotta ridge tiles.
Fo this I cut long, thin sections of balsa wood to form into lengths of "Y" shaped section. The aim was to separate them into many individual tile-sized pieces for an extra level of detail. However, time is ticking away and although I took this approach with the one short roof elevation, it proved a challenge to cut neatly with the bandsaw and the section is too big for my Proxxon mini circular saw.

A more efficient production method was found by engraving grooves in the prepared section material to represent the gaps. After the mitred corners were removed to form the shaping of the upright member, I re-sprayed the work with red oxide paint. A patination of thin, black stain was added and this heightened the impression of the joint details.

Although cutting the tiles individually gives a more 
detailed result, time does not allow for this to be 
continued throughout.

Vincent Creatives model making
The completed shop roof

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