Monday, 14 May 2012

The Finale

This last post is somewhat delayed due to the need for something of a recovery period  after the delivery of the model.

The model came to its completion on Friday 27th April, followed swiftly by the Celebration Event in Littleport over the weekend of 28th & 29th.

The whole event was very well received and was a great success. As a result of finally letting go of the project, I immediately suffered a wide range of cold symptoms for the whole of the following week.

Time now to move on to another project, but first, here is a mixed bag of photographs of various details from the model and the event.

Well that's it folks - for now. 

As and when there are further developments and opportunities for public display of all the project resources, I shall re-ignite this blog.

Happy days - Trevor JJ Vincent


  1. Lovely work!. Incredible details. I wish I still lived in the area so that I could have seen the real thing.

  2. Many thanks, who knows Vicky? Maybe if there is funding for a Phase II, a touring exhibition could come to a town near you. In any case it would be very nice to try to get my ceramics spread further afield. If you could recommend a nearby gallery, we could maybe drop in with a cake for tea on of these days. Best wishes xxx

  3. Well done, Trevor. It remains beautiful.

    1. Thank you Helena - and so do you. I look forward to reading the Guardian article.